Because it’s kinda fun…

To my husband. Thank you for encouraging me to tell our story. You put aside your own fears in doing so, and that makes you the bravest man I know. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better man to spend the rest of my days with than you.

To my beautiful boys. You make me better. You are the reason we have a story, and you fill it with joy, laughter, comedic breaks, occasional tears, and more hope for a better tomorrow than I could ever dream of without you. Infinite love.

To Rachel. You, brave one, are the Queen of Redos. I love that God has given you the family that you so deserve. Your selflessness and ability to think of others, even in the darkest of hours, is truly a gift. Own it! Never doubt your strength, beauty, and worth to all who get the privilege of walking through life with you.

To Corrie and Sarah. You were the first to shine a light into our dark situation. When I think of community, I think of the two of you. There are few people who mean more to us than you guys, and we honestly don’t know where we’d be without your friendship.

To Michael and Lauren. Thank you for not judging. You may have been the first couple to hear all the gory details before we were friends and still choose to be our friends. You crazy!!! We love you, and we see so much strength and love in your marriage. God is going to use you both in mighty ways.

To Britni. Thank you for catching me when I started to fall. I may have bruised my knee, but you saved me from losing my legs. And that is what a true friend does. You are the definition of chutzpah, and I think I’ll keep you.

To mom and dad. There is a book waiting to be written with your story. Don’t worry I’ll wait until you’re safely in the gates of heaven. But seriously, I wouldn’t have the courage, faith, sympathy, or strength to get through life’s redos without the two of you. All the kudos.